Summer 2019 Defense Comment 29 BUSINESS LITIGATION Michelle C. Kirrane | Chair Non-CompeteClauses in California Did you know that many non-compete contracts are unenforceable in California? California courts have been holding consistently that non-compete clauses are an unlawful interference with the rights of an individual to earn a living. In order to be enforceable, the non- compete contract must fall into one of the following categories: 1. Trade secret protection; 2. Sale of a business; or 3. Dissolution of a partnership. Even if the contract falls into one of these categories, there is no automatic exception; rather, the terms of the contract can be weighed against the strong public policy in favor of an individual’s right to earn a living. Additionally, many confidentiality provisions contained in non-compete contracts are unenforceable as violating both state and federal laws regarding freedom of speech. If there are business litigation topics you would like addressed in future publications or seminars, please contact Michele Kirrane ( Continued on page 30 A re you interested in writing an article? Joining one ormoresubstantivelawcommittees? Doyouhavea suggestionforatopicforaseminar? Wearealwayslookingforwaystoinvolveour ADCMembers,andencourageyoutobeactiveinasmanysubstantivelawcommittees as you are interested. Please contact the section chairs (see roster of section and contact information for co-chairs in box below) and let them know how you would like to participate. Substantive Law Sections For more information, contact any of these attorneys or the ADC office: 2520 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 150, Sacramento, CA 95833 • (916) 239-4060 • fax (916) 924-7323 or visit Business Litigation Michele C. Kirrane (Chair) Freeman, Mathis & Gary (415) 627-9000 • Construction Jill J. Lifter (Co-Chair) Ryan & Lifter (925) 884-2080 • Wakako Uritani (Co-Chair) Lorber, Greenfield & Polito, LLP (415) 986-0688 • Employment Laura McHugh (Chair) Duggan Law Corporation (916) 550-5309 • Insurance Sean Moriarty (Chair) Cesari, Werner & Moriarty (650) 991-5126 • Landowner Liability Ashley N. Meyers (Chair) Clapp Moroney Vucinich Beeman Scheley (925) 734-0990 • Litigation James J. Arendt (Co-Chair) Weakley & Arendt, LLP (559) 221-5256 • Michael Pintar (Co-Chair; Nevada) Glogovac & Pintar (775) 333-0400 • Medical / Healthcare [NOT FILLED] Public Entity James J. Arendt (Co-Chair) Weakley & Arendt, LLP (559) 221-5256 • Patrick Deedon (Co-Chair) Maire & Deedon (530) 246-6050 • Technology Sean Moriarty (Chair) Cesari, Werner & Moriarty (650) 991-5126 • Toxic Torts Edward P. Tugade (Chair) Demler, Armstrong & Rowland, LLP (415) 949-1900 • Transportation Jeffrey E. Levine (Chair) Matheny, Sears, Linkert & Jaime (916) 978-3434 •