14 Defense Comment Summer 2019 Chemerinsky.  Mr. Chemerinsky is the Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law at UC Berkeley School of Law.  Dean Chemerinsky is one of America’s foremost experts on the protections afforded to free speech by the First Amendment, a topic of interestanddebatethroughoutourcountry today.  Don’t miss this fascinating and intellectually stimulating presentation! Finally, this year’s inspirational speaker will be Thomas L. Kowalski. Mr. Kowalski serves on the Board of Directors for the Marin Guide Dog School For The Blind.  Wait until you hear the story of his incrediblejourneywithhisdynamicspecial guest, who also has graciously agreed to appear!  [See below for an excerpt of an exclusive interview of this very special guest.] We look forward to celebrating with all of you at this year’s Annual Meeting! Thank You Annual Meeting Exhibitors & Sponsors (at time of publication) Bronze Sponsor: THE RESOLUTION EXPERTS® Exhibitors: 60th Annual Meeting – continued from page 13 DC:  Tell us a little bit about yourself. Dynamo:  My name is Dynamo!  I’m a yellow Labrador Retriever.  I’m 7 years old, and I was born in San Rafael at the Guide Dog School For The Blind.  My owner’s name is Tom. DC:  How did you become a guide dog? Dynamo:  My mom Noleta and my dad Joplin were guide dog breeders, so I come from good stock!  I started puppy training when I was only 2 months old.  And my formal training to become a guide dog began when I was 15 months old.    DC: Can any dog become a guide dog? Dynamo:  Oh, no!  It takes more than good looks.  And only the best make it.  You must be smart and willing to learn.  I also had a lot of help from some wonderful people. DC:  Tell us about your relationship with Tom. Dynamo:  I love Tom very much and he loves me.  He lost his sight a few years ago, but both our lives changed forever when we met.  I nevergettiredofworkingforhim. He’sthenavigatorandI’mthepilot! DC:  Will you be attending the 2019 Annual Meeting of the ADC at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco? Dynamo:  I don’t know what the Annual Meeting of the ADC is, but if Tom’s going, I’ll be there.  You can count on it!  And I hope a lot of people come too so they can meet Tom and me. DC:  Thank you so much for your time Dynamo.  I know you have to get back to taking care of Tom. Dynamo:  You’re very welcome.  How ’bout tossing me a treat before I go? To learn more about Dynamo and Tom, and their remarkable journey together, don’t forget to make plans to attend the ADC Annual Meeting at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco on December 12th and 13th ! “I’ll Guide You!” The following is an excerpt from an exclusive one-on-one interview with a very special guest who will be appearing at this year’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Silver Sponsor: