Summer 2019 Defense Comment 13 Continued on page 14 SAVE THE DATE ALL ADC MEMBERS are invited to attend this year’s Annual Meeting at the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco, on December 12 and 13, 2019. We are celebrating 60 wonderful years of our organization! In addition to being part of the celebration, you’ll be able to attend presentations that will help you become a better lawyer while you fulfill your MCLE requirements. Some of these presentations will include the following: • Have you ever defended a case involving a psychological damage claim?  If not, there’s a good chance you will.  Psychological damage claims can drastically increase the jury verdict potential of a plaintiff’s case. To properly defend such a claim, you must understand the medical evidence and how to cross-examine plaintiff’s expert.  This presentation will show you how to do that. • From the moment you step into the courtroom, you are on stage.  Whether you are examining a witness, speaking with the judge at a sidebar, or consulting with your client, the jurors are always watching.  Learn how to maximize every opportunity to shine throughout the proceedings. The panelists for this presentation will include a veteran filmmaker who has worked with many lawyers prior to trial to increase their credibility with the jury.  Don’t miss this interesting, useful, and entertaining presentation. • The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect on January 1, 2020.  Compliance with the CCPA is essential for many of our clients who will face substantial fines and lawsuits, including statutory or actual damage claims, if they fail to comply.  This presentation will teach you what you need to know to properly advise your clients what they need to do to comply and minimize their exposure. • We all know that general damages in a bodily injury or wrongful death lawsuit cannot be determined with mathematical precision. So how do experienced plaintiff attorneys attempt to maximize those damages at the time of trial? And how can the defense attorney limit those damages? This presentation by a panel of experienced defense attorneys will address these issues in detail, and provide you with effective methods to help prevent a runaway jury verdict. • Time is of the essence! Effective time management is an essential skill that all lawyers can possess. This presentation by a time management expert will provide you with tips on how you can better manage your time each work day, allowing you to operate more efficiently and alleviate unnecessary stress. In addition to the above, there will be many other presentations, covering a variety of practice areas, including your own! And, as always, the highly popular “Year in Review” will be a part of the program. Our keynote speaker at this year’s Friday luncheon will be renowned lawyer and constitutional scholar, Erwin